Edge of despair

Edge of despair

Written by : Mahmoud Abugrin

I haven’t written anything for quite a while
Through these verses I’m in search for a smile

A search that still hadn’t yet poured any fruit
My heart is screaming out sonnets but my mind is on mute

A mind thats troubled with continuous perceptions
All of which I blame on my inner self deception

A sin that I can’t seem to pass away
It’s presence haunts me night and day

My nights and days keep on swinging by
One after the other as I wait for my time to die

A death that must be easy to declare
For this life was more than enough to bare

However, death is the cowardly way to decease
The strength of our character is yet to unleash

Through a heated desire and a rusty soul
Ocean of ideas can forge out of control

But one real idea is all that it takes
to show you the truth that being there can’t wait

So pick up that hammer and start mending your sowrd
the greatest things can be rebuilt from those which are flawed.